At The Bodyweight Gym we aim to develop quality long term results. How do we achieve this? Quality programming and consistent work .


Are you ready to commit to progress and step up to our 2019, 8 week challenge?


Develop your work ethic, enjoy your results. 


“A blue-collar work ethic married to an indomitable will. It is literally that simple. Nothing interferes. Nothing can sway you from your purpose. Once the decision is made, simply refuse to budge 

Refuse to compromise.

And accept that quality long-term results require quality long-term focus. No emotion. No drama. No beating yourself up over small bumps in the road. Learn to enjoy and appreciate the process. This is especially important because you are going to spend far more time on the actual journey than with those all too brief moments of triumph at the end.”(Chris Sommer - GB).

The ChallengE

  • Book in and turn up to 3 or more classes per week

  • Attend the Goal setting session

  • Attend every 7am HiiT session

  • Keep it up for 8 weeks, no misses, no drama. 

What's involved?

Goal Setting

7am, 22nd September

Personal Program phone app

your goals, your space

HiiT Class

7am Sundays

Unlimited classes

time to train

Price: $250 one off payment (requires a current membership to participate)

ONLY AVAILBLE TO CURRENT MEMBERS - Not a member? sign up here

*Choice of a tshirt or tote bag 

**Attend 3 or more classes per week, all the HIIT classes and for 8 weeks to claim your complimentary 3 hour pack of Personal Training ($300 of value).

NOTE: Sign up close Saturday 21st September. Offer only valid and redeemable from 22nd September 2019 to 10th November 2019