I haven't always been into fitness. I started my adult life as a professional Scientist and for 13 years enjoyed my career. I spent my 20's racing mountain bikes and rock climbing. However, my 30's brought about a change where I decided to pursue my lifelong hobby of coaching and sport. I began with CrossFit and for the last 4 years, I've rebuilt myself using Calisthenic bodyweight training methods.



I never had any background in circus or gymnastics so I had to start from zero. 

I started training at The Airspace doing classes and eventually getting coaching and programmes from Anthony Tran and Ash Lau. For the first 3 years, I focused on building strength and flexibility. 

I started coaching about 3 years ago now, I’ve always wanted to be some sort of teacher when I was growing up. I find I love teaching strength and conditioning the most as I know exactly how it feels to start out new and not be able to do anything. So it’s easy for me to empathise with people. I’ve also had many different teachers over my journey of learning so I also know many different variations and pathways to different skills. 



My fitness journey began while training in the Dramatic Arts at WAAPA, graduating as an Actor with a strong interest in stunt work, physical theatre and fight choreography. I developed a passion for movement, physicality and the art of expressing the human body. I have trained with the world-renowned Calisthenics coach and fitness author, Al Kavadlo from the U.S.  I have a background in traditional Martial Arts including Chinese Kung fu, Tai Chi and Muay Thai kickboxing.


If you have a body and are seeking to move better, be a healthier more physically able and stronger version of yourself or to simply advance your own fitness, I can help you begin the journey to reach your full potential!