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8 everyday stretches

This week’s blog is all about practicality. I have 8 stretching exercises that can be completed every day and will help you feel better.

Often with training in traditional gyms the priority is on strength and conditioning with very little time left for flexibility. This is an error that may lead to an increase in chronic injury.

Do these 8 stretches everyday, your body will thank you for it.

Shoulder Flexibility

Bench shoulder stretch

Core engaged, pushing arm pits towards toes. Hold this stretch for at least 1 min, longer is better.

Manna stretch

Butt engaged, sternum pressed towards ceiling, shoulder blades squeezed together. Hold the top position for at least 10 seconds. Build towards longer holds.

Back and Spine Flexibility

Hip circles

Legs close together, moving hips in a circular fashion looking to find the end range of the full movement.

Round the world

Arms stay closed to the side of your head, pressing as hard as possible through the arms to find the end range throughout the movement. If you have flexible hamstrings consider standing on a box to allow full extension at the bottom of the movement.

Hip Flexibility

Squat hold

Heels down, knees out. Use a table leg or any upright support to avoid falling on your butt if you can’t yet balance. Hold the squat position for at least 4 mins (longer is better).

Hamstring Flexibility

Pike fold

Flexing toes toward head, moving head towards feet. Use a belt or towel around your feet if you can’t grab your toes to create force.

Straddle stretch

Legs straight, quads engaged, legs as wide as possible, arms reaching as far forward as possible. Move in and out of the stretch 20 times before holding the bottom position.

Hip / quad Flexibility

Couch stretch

Shoulders moving back and hips pressing forward. Move your knee towards to the wall to increase the stretch. Hold stretch for at least 2 mins per side.

How long, how much, how often?

The more you stretch the faster you’ll develop the flexibility you are working towards. Unlike resistance work you can training flexibility and mobility every day. With flexibility (and many things in life) a little bit every day is way better than a lot now and then. So try out your stretches, if you use social media tag your stretch videos with #thebodyweightgymflex and I'll assist with form corrections.

Till next time,


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