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Coaching Calisthenics- Ana's Story

Since I was a kid I've always loved to put myself into challenges, it all began when I started playing football when I was 7years old. Where was the challenge in that?

I used to live in a small village of 2000 people and I was the only girl in an all-boy football team. Boys can be mean to girls but it wouldn't stop me, I loved the sport, I trained hard, and earned the boys respect. When I turned 16, I joined a professional women's team in Lyon as a goalkeeper, won an international world Futsal cup, and was voted best goalkeeper. At 17, I thought that I had achieved something great, but once I turned 18 I realized the sport wasn't for me anymore, something was missing and I needed to know what it was.

After I graduated, I decided to start traveling and see the world, Challenging myself to

do new things such as learning English and Spanish but also started training harder than ever before. I've visited places like Canada, USA, Hawaii, Canaries islands, Bali, Japan, Island, New Zealand, Europeans countries, overall my favourite place was Australia,

I fell in love with the country, the landscape, nature, the people. After traveling for a long time I returned home, started t settle down, and wondered where I could find this sense of challenge again. How I can feel the thrill of being alive again? I discovered Calisthenics when I was walking through a park in my city, I saw some people doing amazing tricks on bars, defying gravity, and straight away I fell in love with that sport. This idea that I could do those crazy moves too someday. I started to train almost every day, and it quickly became an addiction and the passion was growing stronger at every training session. At first, I found myself in that same position as when I was young - I was the only woman training among all these huge strong boys and I had no idea how to start. I've received a lot of technical advice from different athletes, went looking for and trying all the exercises that exist on the net I found out which ones were working the best for me, and finally started to be able to do some more advanced exercises. I knew at some point that I wanted more out of it, I wanted to learn the science behind it and maybe teach it too.

I realized then, that the best place to start would be Australia, a country that I love and a place that inspires me the most. I packed few clothes and my Calisthenics material in my backpack and took a ticket plane and a course for 2years in Fitness to become a coach. It wasn't an easy journey, I injured myself badly and experienced hard times during the

Coronavirus, but I refused to give up, there was always hope, light inside myself that never let me down and Hope is the strongest emotion you can find in despair. I realized with lots of willpower and always taking action you can overcome anything in life. During my study, I learned a lot about sports science and thanks to it, Improved my training a lot as well as how to train others. I met good people in the Calisthenics and Fitness industry, heard about Calisthenics competitions opportunity happening in Perth, and ask myself, why not giving it a try? I drove there with lots of doubt and fear growing into me. I knew I would be the only girl participating, and didn't think I would not be good enough after all those past injuries. When I walked in there, I could feel the amazing vibes and see those people that felt in love the same way as I did, all of this negative energy and thinking instantly disappeared. I enjoyed doing it so much and felt so much at the right time at the right place. I heard a lot about The Bodyweight Gym, how they teach people how to develop their body through bodyweight training, and about Mathew Harvey who has a lot of knowledge and experience. I asked for the chance to be part of The Bodyweight Gym team. Mathew gave me the opportunity to start coaching Calisthenics. I love to be able to help people achieve their goals. Improve their fitness level and achieve Calisthenics moves. The best feeling is to see the joy in their eyes when they finally achieve a move, to see that confidence growing in them.

It reminds me why I choose to be here.

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