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The Bodyweight Team

I started The Bodyweight Gym to pursue an ideal: That everyone can develop themselves physically with simple equipment, the right education and support. I can not do this alone, I've been lucky enough to find three other amazing coaches to help support your growth and development. We coach from a position of integrity - we only teach what we've personally experienced. This article, I'll introduce you to The Bodyweight Gym coaching team, give you a insight into who we are and how we can help you better.

Mat - Founder, Director and Coach

I took my first ever coaching job at the age of 15, for 20 years coaching has been a weekend hobby of passion. 5 years ago I left my corporate job with a clear vision - to help people move and feel better. Opening my own studio gym has given me the opportunity to work with larger groups of people.

I have a bachelor of science with a double major in human movement and marine science and a number of other qualifications around weightlifting, personal training and calisthenics. I advocate strength, mobility and quality over intensity (yes you'll still work very hard). I love skill development through balance and progressing hard bodyweight movements.

Things students say: "What do you mean that wasn't a clean rep?"

How you can work with Mat:

Maisie Hughes - Strength and mobility coach, Lyra performance and coaching

Maisie brings with her 5 years of experience, building her own strength, mobility and artistry. From developing her first chin up to making ring routines look easy, Maisie teaches bodyweight and mobility classes and runs her own lyra and circus aerial classes in between preparing and performing her circus art.

Maisie loves to share her passion for the circus and giving people the knowledge and confidence to become strong and flexible. Maisie can be found training at The Bodywieght Gym and also Ninja Academy.

Things students say: "Pretty sure my legs are no longer attached to my body"

How you can work with Maisie

  • Book a PT session with Maisie (send her a DM) HERE

  • Attend a group aerial lyra class (send her a DM) HERE

  • Join one of Maisies Bodyweight Classes Friday or Saturdays HERE

  • Instagram

Nevio Roselli - Strength and mobility coach

Nevio Roselli is a strength and nutrition coach certified through the International Sport Science Association. His mission is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and science based training. Over the past 10 years he has undergone multiple certifications and seminars relating to the topics of strength, mobility, nutrition, injury management and sport performance.

Since moving to Perth in 2014, he started to become passionate about Handstand and Gymnastic Strength training. 2019 is the year where he embraced a completely new coaching approach in regards to mobility and flexibility training after he attended FRC and Kinstretch seminars (a system of mobility and joint control training based on scientific principals and researches created by Dr. Andreo Spina).

Things students say: "Is it hard being ridiculously good looking?"

How you can work with Nevio:

  • Book a handstand class on Saturdays HERE

  • Inquire about Personal Coaching services (send him a DM) HERE

  • Instagram

Oscar Harris - Calisthenics and Strength Coach

Starting his fitness journey as an actor, Oscar Harris developed a passion for movement, physicality and fitness. Oscar has trained with the Kavadlo brothers under their progressive calisthenics certification and has gone on to develop his calisthenics and bodyweight practice over the last 7 years.

With experience in both Kung Fu and Muay Thai kickboxing, Oscar knows how to develop a seriously badass workout, this coupled with his distinctive friendly, engaging and down to earth attitude, will ensure you get a training partner who gets you the positive results you want and keeps you coming back for more!

Things students say: "Isn't that guy a movie star or something?"

How you can work with Oscar:

  • Book a personal training session with Oscar (send him a DM) HERE

  • Book a small group training session with Oscar (send him a DM) HERE

  • Instagram

Bodyweight classes are for all ability levels. Classes will use predominantly bodyweight exercise to provide a well-rounded workout addressing strength and mobility requirements to develop muscular skeletal health and performance. You will be carefully progressed towards increasingly challenging movements and exercises.

Start your Bodyweight training practice today - try out our free 2 week trial - Click here

See you in class,

Mat and The Bodyweight Team

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