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The movie star workout

That famous movie star body look - lean, ripped, functional. 

Many people don’t like feeling, or aesthetic, of being swollen and bulky, people want to move and that isn’t a movers body. 

There is a reason many of today's top actors are turning to calisthenics and gymnastic strength training to prepare themselves. People like Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Chris Hemsworth train with their body weight to develop strength, agility and the aesthetic sought after in action films and tv series. 

Working as a professional actor as well as a Personal Trainer, I can relate to the demands to be always looking your best. 

Currently I’m preparing for an audition for the new Mortal Kombat movie - to be filmed in South Australia. I am using Calisthenics to prepare my self for that iconic fighter body as well as the athleticism needed to pull off the kicks, punches and flips needed for the role. 

I have also acted and performed stunts in an SBS martial arts comedy feature film called Top Knot Detective which is making its way into Australian cult film status! Cue ninjas and kung fu time travelling robots!

My fitness journey began while training in the Dramatic Arts at WAAPA, graduating as an Actor with a strong interest in stunt work, physical theatre and fight choreography. I developed a passion for movement, physicality and the art of expressing the human body.

My background in traditional Martial Arts including Chinese Kung fu, Tai Chi and Muay Thai kickboxing fostered a certain type of physicality, the art of enjoying living in a healthy strong body.

I later was introduced to Calisthenics by Al Kavadlo, world renowned Calisthenics coach and fitness author. Taking the time to learn the basics prepared me for the long, challenging and interesting journey of developing the mobility, awareness and strength to perform high level calisthenics and bodyweight exercises.

The basics are the foundation to all movement and exercise, regardless of your preferred style of exercise, a great workout I use to improve the foundation of my practice:

The Foundation Workout

  • 10 Bodyweight rows

  • 10 Pushups

  • 20 Squats

  • 15 Lying Leg raises

  • Rest 30 to 60 seconds and repeat 3 times!

That was pretty cool right? So how can you get involved and keep things moving?

If you live locally in Perth:

You can hit up a class at The Bodyweight Gym here. Alternatively you can chase down your favorite Calisthenics coach for a more personalized approach.

So you don’t live in Perth, Australia:

No worries mate, we have online training options here

Already training at The Bodyweight Gym? - keep an eye out for my weekend Calisthenic classes coming soon. 

Oscar Harris,

Calisthenics Coach and Actor

The Bodyweight Gym

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