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What does it take to perform?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Maisie Hughes is a local Perth circus performer and bodyweight coach. I took a little time to chat with Maisie and get to know her a little more:

(Mat) Hi Maisie, I am stoked to have you board as a coach at our gym. You start coaching our Bodyweight classes this Friday, so i thought it would be good to let everyone get to know you a bit! In addition to coaching our classes you also run lyra and aerial conditioning classes and workshops at The Bodyweight Gym, what got you interested in lyra or circus arts?

(Maisie) I remember seeing a circus show Le Noir years ago and seeing Sabrina Aganier on a lyra. Ever since watching her I decided that was totally going to be my thing. And I’ve always loved the glam, costumes and makeup!

(Mat) Let’s step back a little, you weren’t always super strong and bendy. How did you start your training and what level where you?

(Maisie) I never had any background in circus or gymnastics so I had to start from zero.

I started training at The Airspace doing classes, and eventually getting coaching and programs from Anthony Tran and Ash Lau. For the first 3 years I focused on building strength and flexibility.

Since then I've been doing my own programming and working more on skills and stamina.

Building strength in such a short amount of time was definitely not easy and came with the cost of some injuries on the way. But I have never felt this passionate about anything before and I’m glad I've had such awesome coaching over the years to get me where I am now!

(Mat) So given you developed your strength as an adult, what is the secret to getting so strong?

(Maisie) I don’t think there’s much of a secret! Just hard work and consistency. I find having structure and a clear goal is always the best way to keep you accountable and on the right path.

(Mat) When did you start coaching and what do you enjoy most about it?

(Maisie) I started coaching about 3 years ago now, I've always wanted to be some sort of teacher when I was growing up. I find I love teaching strength and conditioning the most as i know exactly how it feels to start out new and not be able to do anything. So it’s easy for me to empathize with people. I’ve also had many different teachers over my journey of learning so I also know many different variations and pathways to different skills.

(Mat) What do you think is the most common mistake you see with beginners practicing or training strength, balance and mobility?

(Maisie) I think the biggest mistake is comparing yourself to other people in the same environment who have been training for years. Everyone grows at different rates and everyone will always have different strengths and weaknesses. So trying to focus on your own goals and your own improvements is the best way forward.

Also over-training seems to be a common thing as well. And I've definitely fallen down that path many times!

(Mat) You just finish performing in your first ever fringe show last week end (congratulations!). What was the highlight of your performance for you?

(Maisie) I think the highlight was seeing it all come together after months of preparation. And performing with such an awesome crew!

(Mat) Thanks for taking some time to chat with me today, we’re very lucky to have you around to share your enthusiasm and passion for bodyweight movement and the circus arts.

If you’d like to learn more from Maisie or perhaps have her tell you to do another rep, Book into the Friday evening classes or shoot Maisie a DM here to book into her Lyra workshops.

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