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Dan Whitehead

Sustainable Fitness & Health


I have a passion for helping others achieve & a vision that is the world we live in a thriving, sustainably. I offer professional health & wellness services including cooking lessons, training, lifestyle evaluation, fitness coaching & more.
If you've been dealing with issues that hold you back from living life to its fullest, if acute & chronic pain is a daily acceptance, if you're tired of being tired & flat, then it's about time you do something for you & act.

As a former chef, having dealt with injury & health issues due to the rigours of a manual job, I have built my health & fitness career around helping others who have had to work through pain & suffer the same. This means I assess my clients & lead with empathy, knowledge & skill combine to create a long term solution. Removing the revolving door of “pain, train, injury, complain” many of my clients have put up with for years, sometimes decades, is always at the core of everything we do.  


I believe the best coach is the right coach for the client, not just any coach. While many trainers will take anyone on board, I select whom I work with based on honestly assessing that my skills & experience are able to solve your pain, inspire you to action & help you thrive towards & beyond your goals.
I work closely & affiliate with allied & primary health professionals such as GP's, Osteopath's, Physiotherapists & Psychologists in order to achieve success for clients with underlying health issues. 


It is this professional approach to coaching & client care that sets my services & successes apart from much of the fitness industry, and why I have managed to grow a successful career into its 6th year in an industry that sees 95% of Personal Trainers leave fail in their first 18 months.

To book a 20-minute phone consult to discuss your coaching & training needs, please email or CLICK HERE.

Yours in health, 
Dan Whitehead   

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