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The Human Excellence Project’s mission is to tackle one of Australia’s biggest issues mental health. We tackle this by providing and creating community, experiences, environment and culture in order to support those who are looking for sustainable and positive change, to explore and expand their own individual growth and development. Through committing to daily challenges with a community of likeminded individuals.

Check out their work HERE.

The Bodyweight Gym supports The Human Excellence Project. We are happy to offer members (it's free, get on board), a discount casual class price of $20 / 1 hour class. Book your class below.

Step 1: Purchase your Casual Class

Human Excellence Project Discount Casual Class

Step 2: Book your class (or check out our timetable HERE)

Book your Bodyweight class now


Step 3: fill out your details and click on "Redeem Package or Gift Certificate"


Step 4: enter your email address (same one that you used in your registration in step 1) and click "Complete Appointment".


Step 5: Check your email and see you in class.

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